Niterra Philippines, Inc. is the exclusive importer and distributor of Niterra products in the Philippines. Our products mainly cover the aftermarket components for automotive and motorcycles. Niterra is also known as the leading ignition and sensor specialist providing high-quality spark plugs, glow plugs, spark plug caps, cables, and sensors. Aside from the wide offering of automotive and motorcycle portfolio, the Company also specializes in technical ceramics including semiconductor products, fine ceramics, and cutting tools for many different industrial areas.


High performing cables produce maximum vehicle performance


Ignition energy of 130%. Thanks to 0.9 kΩ/m resistance.

These power cables have an extremely low resistance of 0.9 kΩper meter. They sustain a minimum level of spark energy loss and provide excellent starting and acceleration performance, idling stability, and fuel economy.

The resistance value of these cables in general use is 16 kΩ/m. With the very small value of 0.9 kΩ/m, NGK Power Cables have about one eighteenth of this resistance, which means that the spark energy sent from the ignition coil is reliably supplied to the plug. According to the results of tests conducted by NGK, these cables provided a spark energy that was 130% of that supplied by other, original cables. Power Cables generate a more powerful spark and effectively bring out the latent performance of the engine.

Low-resistance metal resistance wire is wound alternately loosely and closely around the ferrite core to make a variable pitch coil (0.9 kΩ/m), and on top of this is a layer of hyper silicone insulation.