Niterra Philippines, Inc. is the exclusive importer and distributor of Niterra products in the Philippines. Our products mainly cover the aftermarket components for automotive and motorcycles. Niterra is also known as the leading ignition and sensor specialist providing high-quality spark plugs, glow plugs, spark plug caps, cables, and sensors. Aside from the wide offering of automotive and motorcycle portfolio, the Company also specializes in technical ceramics including semiconductor products, fine ceramics, and cutting tools for many different industrial areas.


The workhorse: the plug at the heart of smooth- running engines around the world!


NGK nickel spark plugs feature a 98% pure copper core that delivers increased heat dissipation for more reliable starts and reduced the risk of overheating.

Different types of Spark Plugs are available for different applications. There are V-grooved Plugs, Projected Gap Plugs, Multiple Ground Electrode Plugs, etc.

Recently released vehicles mainly use Resistor Spark Plugs which restrain the ignition noise created by the spark that interferes with the car radio, cellular phone, and onboard control systems.


  • Trusted OEM by manufacturers
  • High-grade alumina silicate ceramic
  • Trivalent plating eliminates the need for anti-seize
  • Cold-rolled threads prevent cross-threading and damage to cylinder heads